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America Litter®


America Litter® has significantly enhanced its performance. Building on the success of our classic Ultra Odor Seal®, we are proud to introduce Ultra Odor Seal® Extreme. This advanced formula offers superior odor elimination, exceptional clumping strength, and enhanced absorption capabilities.

Not only does it effectively eliminate bad odors, but it also detoxifies ammonia, ensuring a fresh and health-risk-free cat toilet environment. Its compact clumping makes scooping effortless and maintains a mess-free litter tray. With increased liquid absorption, it locks in moisture, reducing both usage and waste, making it an efficient and cost-effective choice for cat owners.

7kg / 15.5lb

15kg / 33lb


ultra odor seal extreme 15kg
ultra odor seal extreme 7kg

Reasons to choose


feature_odor control.png

With its revolutionary formula, America Litter®: Ultra Odor Seal® Extreme eradicates urine odors entirely, guaranteeing your cat's litter box remains impeccably fresh and clean.

feature_extra strong clumping.png

America Litter®: Ultra Odor Seal® Extreme forms ultra-strong clumps that resist breaking apart during scooping, ensuring a tidy and hassle-free litter box experience.

feature_extra strong absorption.png

America Litter®: Ultra Odor Seal® Extreme excels at absorbing and locking in more liquid than other products, making it a more economical choice for cat owners.

feature_zeolited infused.png

America Litter®: Ultra Odor Seal® Extreme leverages the powerful natural properties of zeolite to dramatically enhance odor control and absorption.

feature_low dust.png

America Litter®: Ultra Odor Seal® Extreme cat litter is 99% dust-free, ensuring it won't cause allergies or irritation. Enjoy a cleaner, healthier environment for both you and your cat.


America Litter®: Ultra Odor Seal® Extreme cat litter offers exceptional longevity, allowing you to save more money over time.

It is really easy to use



Step 1

Fill the cat litter tray with America Litter® cat litter.


Step 2

Spread the cat litter all over the cat litter tray gradually. Maintain the depth level at 6-7cm.


Step 3

Maintain cat litter tray by removing feces every day.

Throw clumps in the trash bin instead.


Step 4

Maintain the 6-7cm level of cat litter in tray by refilling it with the new one.


Step 5

Once a month perform a full cleanup of cat litter tray and refill is with the new cat litter.

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