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America Litter®


America Litter®: Flushy Clump is made of only naturally processed wheat and starches that are fully renewable and biodegradable materials. This type of material is resolving and sewer safe. In addition, it is edible and will not cause harm if ingested by a cat. Enzymes of natural wheat are capable of removing urine odors without use of extra fragrances.


Natural starches help Flushy Clump to form compact and hard clumps that are easy to scoop away. The overall shape of granules are similar to clay cat litters and feel very comfortable for cats to step on and use it as a toilet.

3.3kg / 7.28lb

6.35kg / 14lb


America litter wheat
America litter wheat

Reasons to choose



Flushy Clump can be disposed in the toilet or into the soil. For the better experience, dispose it every day.


Thanks to special compound, America Litter®: Flushy Clump clumps fast and it is very convenient to scoop away.

feature_absorption normal.png

America Litter®: Flushy Clump cat litter absorbs more liquid and locks moisture inside.

feature_odor control shield.png

America Litter®: Flushy Clump effectively seals bad urine odors and keeps cat litter tray fresh.

feature_no dust 2-09.png

America Litter®: Flushy Clump cat litter is 99% dustless and doesn’t cause allergy or irritation.


America Litter®: Flushy Clump cat litter lasts longer and helps you to save more money.

It is really easy to use



Step 1

Fill the cat litter tray with America Litter® cat litter.


Step 2

Spread the cat litter all over the cat litter tray gradually. Maintain the depth level at 6-7cm.


Step 3

Maintain cat litter tray by removing feces every day.

Flush 1-2 clumps into the toilet at a time.


Step 4

Maintain the 6-7cm level of cat litter in tray by refilling it with the new one.


Step 5

Once a month perform a full cleanup of cat litter tray and refill is with the new cat litter.

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