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America Litter®


America Litter®: Tofu, the eco-friendly choice for conscientious cat owners. Made from 100% natural pea fibers, this cat litter offers superior odor control and quick clumping for easy cleanup. Its biodegradable composition ensures minimal environmental impact, while its soft texture is gentle on your cat's paws.

America Litter®: Tofu effectively absorbs moisture, preventing bacterial growth and keeping your home fresh. Safe and non-toxic, it's the perfect solution for a healthy and clean environment for both your pet and your home.

4.6kg / 10.1lb




Mint Gum

america litter tofu
america litter tofu
Image by Daniela Paola Alchapar

Reasons to choose


feature_odor control.png

Thanks to the special formula, America Litter®: Tofu completely seals urine smell making cat toilet fresh and clean.


Thanks to special compound, America Litter®: Tofu clumps fast and it is very convenient to scoop away.

feature_long lasting.png

America Litter®: Tofu cat litter lasts more that other types and helps you save money.

feature_no dust 3.png

America Litter has a very low dust therefore there is nothing sticks to cat paws and spread all over the house.


America Litter®: Tofu can be disposed in the toilet or into the soil. For the better experience, dispose it every day.

It is really easy to use



Step 1

Fill the cat litter tray with America Litter® cat litter.


Step 2

Spread the cat litter all over the cat litter tray gradually. Maintain the depth level at 6-7cm.


Step 3

Maintain cat litter tray by removing feces every day.

Flush 1-2 clumps into the toilet at a time.


Step 4

Maintain the 6-7cm level of cat litter in tray by refilling it with the new one.


Step 5

Once a month perform a full cleanup of cat litter tray and refill is with the new cat litter.

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